Ocean Mist and Sea Salt Spa Experience

This spa collection is overflowing with the fresh, clean fragrance of ocean mist and sea salt spa products including body lotion, shower gel, fine bath salts, body mist, foot soak, body scrub, bar soap, bubble bath, body butter, a mesh sponge and more. Sheet spray will keep the house smelling fresh; a microfiber towel and pair of slippers complete this luxurious spa experience.

Contents include:

Cru De Provence Ocean Mist & Sea Salt Scented:
Bar Soap (4.9oz)
Body Mist (4.7oz)
Body Butter (6.7oz)
Body Lotion (7.24oz)
Body Scrub (6.02oz)
Bubble Bath (9.64oz)
Fine Bath Salts (13.93oz)
Foot Soak (8.82oz)
Sheet Spray (7.78oz)
Shower Gel (7.24oz)
Mesh Sponge
Turban/Hair Towel

Gift Size: 15" x 7" x 12"