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Start their day off right with this wooden breakfast tray brimming with shortcake and scone mix, Bonne Maman honey and grape jelly, Don Francisco Mayan blend ground coffee, Ghirardelli sea salt caramel sauce, Ahmad English tea, espresso candy, madeleine cakes, Ghirardelli double chocolate hot cocoa, fruit-filled puff pastries, lemon cakes, sea salt caramel cookies, and a brownie to complete this morning pick-up.

Contents include:  

Don Francisco Organic Mayan Blend Coffee (2.5oz)
English Tea (20ct)
Lemon Cakes (2pc)
Shell Bella Madeleine (2pc)
Chocolate Brownie (1pc)
Willamina's Bakery Fruit Filled Pastries (1.7oz)
Bonne Maman Grape Jelly (1oz)
Bonne Maman Honey (1oz)
Fisher Original Fair Scone & Shortcake Mix (18oz)
Hot Cocoa (0.85oz)
J&M Caramel Sea Salt Cookies (2.5oz)
Bali's Best Espresso Candy (5.3oz)
Ghirardelli Caramel Sauce Sea Salt (16oz)
Coffee Mug (2)

Gift Size: 22" x 11" x 6"